Traction Control Light On And Car Won’t Accelerate – Detailed Guide

Traction Control Light On And Car Won't Accelerate

The traction control light turning on feature has helped in saving millions of lives, but it sometimes also bothers. No doubt, it diminishes the excitement of the trip if you encounter a traction panel light on and no accelerating response on your way. But you can take a few measures to fix the problem even in remote areas where no auto repairer has access.

You should also consider it not only as a simple problem but as a safety matter. In case the traction control panel does not work properly, you may fall into the darkness of danger. Anyhow, I will address the common problems that turn the light on and tell you a few ways to fix them. Troubleshooting is simple if you have diagnosed the issue accurately, therefore, analyze the information closely as it is a matter of safety.

Traction Control Light On And Car Won’t Accelerate

Traction Control Light On And Car Won't Accelerate

Before we dig into details you should have a bit of knowledge regarding the traction system. If I describe it simply, the system deals with the engine and wheel rotation. It is responsible for enhancing traction over slippery and less friction tracks such as ice and wet roads. It is directly involved with the engine to boost and reduce the speed and enable the car to run on the road in a stable direction.

High traction is required when you are driving the vehicle on slippery paths. I am not a fan of discussing complexities but this one is required to build an understanding of further details. The system is based on multiple detectors and sensors attached to brakes and wheels. Sensors report the wheel’s condition to the computer and if the circuit is not working appropriately, it turns the light on and the car won’t accelerate not only in cars but people who have faced traction control light ON and power loss in Jeeps as well.

This straightforward process requires information from significant parts including the accelerator’s pedal. Your car may also not work because the sensor in the panel is providing the wrong information. Anyhow, you can fix the problem if you successfully diagnose the trigger. I have gathered a few problems and their solutions below, take a look!

1. Bad Speed Sensors Of Wheels

I have experienced the wrong wheel sensor information multiple times but was, fortunately, able to solve it. As I have mentioned before that the sensors are connected to all the crucial parts of the car, they are also in the wheel area. These sensors deal with the rotation speed and detect the wheel difficulty.

Maybe, the car’s accelerator is not working as a result of deteriorated or malfunctioning speed sensors providing wrong information to the computer. Because the panel also controls the power of the engine, therefore, it lowers the engine’s capacity and as a result, the car traction control light turns on. If it persistently happens, you will never be able to reach your destination. But I will not allow this, so here are solutions:


  1. I will suggest that you do not compromise on the wheels as they are an essential part of a car and if they are not working properly because of sensors, replace the devices. Otherwise, you will not be able to go further because bad sensors are almost impossible to repair. Not only are they hard to disassemble and resemble but also have less chances to work again appropriately.
  2. If you are in a remote area where you do not expect much, you can clean the sensors. Sometimes, a malfunction occurs because of dirt and dust on the devices, you may fix this problem by rubbing a piece of cloth on them.

2. Padel Accelator’s Malfunctioning Sensors

The sensors are also available in the panel area to detect the position of the pedal and determine the speed in times of disturbance. These sensors perfectly detect the movement of the padel and provide this information to the main system. It further determines the speed of the car and command engine to enhance or lower the power.

Let’s say the sensor of the pedal’s accelerator is not working well, you may experience other problems including, no control over speed. It also causes imbalance and less stability as a result one can encounter severe accidents. However, troubleshooting this issue is not hard enough if you are experienced. Although it does not occur casually, I faced it two times last year. In case your car also stops working, follow these rules.


  1. First, you have to determine that the pedal’s accelerator has a real problem. Once you have found out, you can replace the pedal position. Mostly, this trick works, you can consider it as you are pushing a reset setting button of padel’s sensors.
  2. Inspect Wiring: It can also happen because of unattached wires or deteriorated wire connections. Carefully inspect all wire connectors and if you find a problem, try to fix it by attaching both ends. But if you prefer to visit professional technicians, it will be better for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can traction control affect acceleration?

Traction control is directly related to acceleration. Let’s put it simply, the panel has sensors in multiple places for detecting speed, they take all information, send it to the main system then to the engine to decrease the power and in this way, acceleration is automatically affected.

Can traction control cause loss of power?

Yes, it causes loss of power as the panel controls the power for the engine, and it lowers the capacity of the main part of the car to a level of nearly zero. Hence, power loss occurs.

Does traction control slow down cars?

For high traction, the wheel should rotate at a slow speed with more power for enhancing the grip over the track. Therefore, you may experience slow car speeds in slippery places.


I have experienced many traction-related problems because the track where I drive stays wet because of snow or sometimes rain. Indeed, traction control is a super-efficient system but it is based on a mechanism. If any disturbance occurs, the system will collapse and will cause irritating issues like no acceleration. The two most common problems of car traction control are highlighted above with their solutions. Follow them if you face this problem.

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