What Is Duck Duck Jeep?

What Is Duck Duck Jeep

What is duck duck jeep? Is it a game or a group practice? And why is it gaining so much popularity? These are a few questions that must be burning in your minds right now. After all, how could an activity or a practice be named so silly, right? And let me clarify, duck duck jeep does not mean ducking out of the way of a jeep or any other vehicle for that matter!

What Is Duck Duck Jeep

If you are a newbie jeep owner or are thinking about getting a new jeep, you should know about this activity common among jeep owners. And judging by the speed with which this activity is spreading, it won’t be long before you become a part of it as well. So, keep on reading the following article to find out more.

What Is Duck Duck Jeep

Duck duck jeep or jeep ducking is a very cute and sentimental custom being followed amongst all the jeep owners. It is like a secret love language that conveys a bond of solidarity and affection from one jeep owner to another. You will literally be surprised to know that this custom does indeed involve a small rubber toy duck.

What Is Duck Duck Jeep

So, what happens is that when a jeep owner sees a jeep that he particularly admires, he will write up a small sentimental note and leave it on the jeep roof or bonnet under a small yellow toy duck. The note may include kind words of appreciation or a few encouraging sentences. It is just to make the owner feel loved.

How Did Jeep Ducking Get Started?

It all started back in the worst pandemic year of the century, 2020. A woman named Allison Parliament caught sight of a jeep that she loved. Since in those days, people desperately needed motivation and kindness to fight through those tough times, Parliament decided to leave a small note of appreciation for the jeep owner. In order to keep the paper from flying away, she placed a small yellow toy duck on top of that note and left it there.

This little act of kindness touched her so much that she decided to spread the word through social media. She made various communities and groups named “Jeep Ducking”. This trend spread like wildfire. Today, this trend is keenly followed in all of Canada, USA, Spain, and even Australia.

How Did Jeep Ducking Get Started

What Is The Purpose Of Ducking A Jeep?

The sole purpose of ducking a jeep is to spread kindness and convey a message of solidarity. It is like being in a secret yet pen community. All you need to have is a jeep and a yellow toy duck to hop in this community. We never know what someone might be going through in his/her personal life.

The least we can do is say some kind words to someone in the hopes that it could bring a smile to their faces. You can even customize your duck gifts according to your personality or career aspirations. You can now get all different kinds of ducks in various different colors as well.

Rules Of Duck Duck Jeep

The rules of the duck duck jeep are pretty simple. All you have to do is smile and transfer that act of kindness on to another jeep owner. The sequence is such that if you see a duck with a note placed on your jeep, take a picture of the duck and the note and post it on social media platforms under the hashtags #duck duck jeep or #duckingjeep.

Rules Of Duck Duck Jeep

After that, write up another note in your personal handwriting and leave it on another jeep for its owner to find out. You may pass on the same duck or purchase a new one. But it is compulsory to leave a messenger duck on another jeep. Besides, it is not necessary that you only pass on the duck you get, you may even start this thread yourself if you want.

Final Thoughts

So. this was all from my side. I hope you all enjoyed reading through this article. I tried my best to provide you with all the details that you may have needed relating to the duck duck jeep activity. You may call it a game, a tradition, or a trend. But you have to admit, whatever it is it does have a nice sentimentality attached to it. It also conveys a message that you don’t need material gifts to make someone’s day. It could be something as silly as a toy duck and a few kind words to get the job done.

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