Where are Jeep Wranglers Made? (Find Out)

where are jeep wranglers made

Jeep Wranglers are specialized off-road vehicles, designed for steep mountains, hills, and roads, with customized and standard functions. This SUV truck has become up with a variety of series and variants while gaining a massive following and popularity in different regions. Currently, the company has invested in a number of manufacturing plants with increased investments, as a result of this massive popularity.

where are jeep wranglers made

Hence, many wonder where Jeeps are made and what makes them highly special? Well, the answer to this question is their ability to surpass the toughest and roughest terrains, with absolute security that adds to the entire adventure. To further answer your queries, I have brought together a comprehensive guide that includes everything from manufacturing plants to equipment, local markets, and much more. So, don’t waste more time, and let’s get in.

Where Are Jeep Wranglers Manufactured/Built – Are They Made In America?

Manufacturers of the Jeep Wranglers

In simple words, the Stellantis Group that has come up with the Wranglers own their production factory in the United States of America. Likewise, the Toledo Assembly Complex is located in Toledo and has been working since 1992. Originally, the reasons for the development of this brand traced back to WWII when it was designed for military reasons in 1941. The modern manufacturing unit from Canada has been working since roughly 2007.

Manufacturers of the Jeep Wranglers

Some fun facts about the Toledo Assembly Complex are that it has a floor of 3.64 million square feet and works on two rounds seven days per week. Also, it is responsible for developing all variants of Jeep Wrangler. In 2020, the company has shifted to a new merger project between PSA Group and FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) which has launched its models in the Latin American and South Asian market. You can also read, how long does the Jeep Wrangler last?

Production of Wranglers

When it comes to production, jeep Wranglers have been produced in the US at the Toledo Assembly factory since 1992. It is currently owned by the Stellantis Group and has also included other small production factories in Ontario, Canada. This was in the earlier days of the company because of the investment requirements. Therefore, in the original application, the previous Wrangler producing factory was located in Brampton, Canada, from 1986 to 1992. Ever since the factory was shifted to Toledo.

Are Wranglers Being Assembled in the US?

Before the Toledo Assembly factory was initiated in 1992, the YJ jeep was manufactured as well as assembled by the AMC. This manufacturing complex was developed in 1987 and the operational tasks were handled in the Brampton Assembly, Canada. After this, all the equipment was shifted to the Toledo Assembly Factory in Ohio.

Design of the Jeep Wrangler

As of now, Mark Allen is the head designer of the YJ jeep, who is responsible for developing each series and the entire vehicle line-up. He owns a small working office in Michigan. Speaking of the history of the Wrangler jeep, Karl Probst was the first designer who originally came up with the first military prototype during WWI, in 1941. The modern-day design, however, is designed by the American Motors Corporation AMC, with needed modifications and innovations.

Different Markets

The sources of Wrangler production are different for the specific countries. Here is a simple account of some popular Wrangler markets that can provide you with a basic understanding.


In Australia, dealerships originally source from the Toledo Assembly for different models. Some commonly purchased models during this year were the Wrangler Jeep, Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, Compass, and Gladiator. Apart from the US market, Australia also gets its equipment from Mexico, Italy, Brazil, India, and China.


In the Canadian market, the dealership is primarily derived from the Toledo Assembly in Ohio. Here, models from Brampton, Ontario, and Canada are commonly purchased. These models include Wrangler jeep, Gladiator, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee L, Compass, and Renegade. This Canadian market originated in 2007.


Jeep models in the European market are usually sourced from the Toledo Assembly Complex in Toledo, Ohio. Some commonly purchased models were Wrangler, Compass, Renegade hybrid, and Renegade. If you live in the UK, you can easily get these variants from the local dealership.


Many people wonder whether the Japanese Wrangler models are relatively more famous than European ones. Well, this is because both markets have similar variants for local dealerships. Hence, the answer to this question is absolutely no as all these models are brought up from the Toledo Assembly Complex in Ohio. Hence, there is no point in comparing these two markets.

Is the Company Planning to Move the Production Factories for Wrangler?

As per the current situation, there is no chance of the complex moving its production line for Wrangler in the US market. However, the markets have seen some developmental changes in other countries. For instance, in 2020, the parent company of the PSA Groups launched its Jeep production facility in France for a number of variants that are expected to facilitate European markets.

Similarly, because of the increasing demand across the Indian market, the manufacturers have planned to shift the manufacturer to this area. For this purpose, the parent company has started to invest in increasing the Wrangler variants. The approximate current investment in the South Asian market is 250,000,000, with reduced costs and tariffs.

How Can You Check the Manufacturing of a Specific Wrangler?

If you want to know the manufacturing place of your desired Wrangler jeep, it is most probable that it would only be Toledo Assembly Complex in Ohio. Yet, if you still insist, I would advise you to check the vehicle batch number, which is also known as the VIN. These specific codes 17-digit are designed for exclusive vehicles, so you can trace the service advisors and the identity of these jeeps. Similarly, this code can provide you with simple information like compatibility, parts, and other such equipment.


What is Jeep and Where is it Located?

Jeep is a massive merger of the PSA Group (also known as Stellantis) and the Fiat Chrysler Automobile. It is an American compact, currently owned by the Stellantis Group. Originally, Jeep was founded by Willy Motors in 1941 and was based in Toledo, Ohio. The purpose of its origination can be traced back to the military reasons during WWII from where it has transitioned into an international brand that has specialized in off-road vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jeep Wranglers made in the USA?

Entirely, the equipment and vehicles are manufactured and assembled in the Toledo Manufacturing Complex in Ohio. However, some optional elements are only available in other plants. All in all, the modern massive merger between PSA Group and FCA has come up with a number of new manufacturing vehicles, largely in the Latin American and South Asian market.

Is the Jeep made by Chrysler?

Well, although Jeep falls under the FCA or Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, it is a different brand than Chrysler or even Dodge. All in all, vehicles from these brands come from plants like Dodge, Fiat, and Romeo. This is because all these brands are owned by FCA and have similar manufacturing and production plants. It is equally important to consider that each of these brands has its own expertise.

Is the Jeep owned by China?

No, Jeep is an international brand, based in America and owned by the Stellantis Group. This manufacturer has been a part of Chrysler since 1987 and has come up with new manufacturing plants. The company has recently introduced a massive merger between FCA and PSA that has increased its reach across other regions.

What is a Jeep Wrangler?

In simple words, Jeep Wrangler is an original off-road vehicle, designed with some customized and standard functions. These alternatives are designed for steep hills, roads, mountains, and rocks. It is owned by the Stellantis Group, which specializes in off-road vehicles. These models are designed and manufactured in the Toledo Group, Canada.

Is the company planning to shift its manufacturing plant for Jeep Wranglers?

Well, as for the USA market, there is no news of the company shifting its manufacturing unit. However, for other regions like Latin America and South Asia, the parent group has come up with a massive merger between FCA and PSA. Similarly, because of the increasing demand across the Indian market, the manufacturers have planned to shift the manufacturer to this area, with new investment venues and reduced costs.

Final Thoughts On Jeep Wranglers Manufacturing

In the end, Jeep Wranglers are specialized off-road vehicles, designed for steep mountains, hills, and roads, with customized and standard functions. This SUV truck is known for its off-road abilities to facilitate tough terrains with remarkable safety and customization options. Hence, the fact that it makes the adventure even more thrilling makes these vehicles popular and famous across different regions. This guide tells you everything from their manufacturing plants to regional markets, and much more.

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