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The Tesla Cybertruck is being recalled for the third and fourth time for a windshield wiper motor failure and a trunk bed trim piece.

These two recalls announced on the same day on, are the third and fourth recalls so far this year. They are the same size as almost all recalled Tesla Cybertrucks.

Tesla Cybertruck Recall Windshield Wiper

Starting with the windshield wiper, Tesla says too much voltage can cause the wiper motor to fail. This is a big deal since the Cybertruck only has one front wiper.

Tesla says the recall affects all 2024 Cybertruck vehicles built between November 13, 2023, and June 6, 2024.

The recall report that Tesla first found out about this issue on February 2, 2024. Through their investigation, they found that the supplier was conducting an active test that sent an excess volume to the part.

Tesla says that the supplier has changed its test and the new test that works is accepted with a lower current.

After this change was made, Tesla decided to voluntarily recall the affected vehicles.

Cybertruck Recall Trunk Bed Trim

As a result of this recall, the cosmetic applique near the outside of the trunk bed trim, known as the sail applique, has been released according to the safety recall report. The reason is that the application of the canvas applique or adhesive has been done incorrectly.

This recall affects all 2024 Cybertruck models built between November 13, 2023, and May 26, 2024.

If an applique is loose, you can hear it in the cabin or witness it sitting on the road.

Tesla became aware of the problem when an undelivered Cybertruck arrived at a Tesla delivery center with a missing applique on December 28, 2023.

Engineers then investigate the Giga Factory Tesla to test using tools and improve adhesion controls.

Then on May 11, 2024, another car was noticed to not have this device.

The plot thickened.

“From May 11 to May 29, 2024, Tesla investigated the incident and determined that the equipment used had a tear in the connector controlled by the supplier because the applique or adhesion was not installed according to specifications,” according to the safety recall report.

Tesla investigated further by testing and evaluating the maintenance of the canvas equipment during the 30-day period ending June 11, 2024. They found several cases of appluques that were loose or separated due to improving the application of the applique or adhesive.

Then they began to remember voluntarily.

Tesla says all stores will be notified by June 24, 2024 and owner notification letters will be sent by email. Owners can repair any of these recalls at no charge.

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